Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Start your first laravel project step by step

Laravel is a most php framework, it is free opensource and design for the development of mvc(model-view-controller) web application. Laravel is released under MIT License with the source code hosted on github

By developer survey on php framework popularity in 2013, Laravel framework listed as the most popular php framework. And in 2014 laravel is the most popular and watched php project on Github

Lets, we will start now our topics.

First of all you need to setup composer.

If you already install composer then you need to download a copy of laravel-master latest version. You can download the laravel master project form here or github.

After downloading the laravel-master extract it to your local server root directory.

After extracting rename the directory to your choice-full project name and then run your project directory on command prompt.

Select your project directory and then Shift+CTRL+Mouse Right Button then you found "Open commend window here" in the popup menu.

General popup menu have no  "Open commend window here" option so if you want to run selected folder/directory in command window then you have to do this way.

Now in the commend window write the following command
composer install

and press Enter Key.

It will download all needed file form online server. And after several minute the install process will complete.

After completing the install process go to browser and and write project address public and press Enter Key then you will see your laravel project as below.

So enjoy your first day with laravel framework, the most popular php framework in the world.


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