Sunday, September 13, 2015

How to install Cordova in Netbeans ??

Step-1. Download necessary software and install :
       1. JDk
       3.Android SDK

Note: Git setup command Prompt.

Step-2.Open Windows dirve or 'C'. Now Ship+right button click and click on open command windows here
Step-3. Execute this command
  •    C:\>npm install -g cordova
After execute command :

Step-4.Create new Cordova Application or Project:
        1.Open Netbeans:

    2.Click on( )  and click Html5 & select Cordova Application .Click on Next

   3.Give project name & project location and Click on Next

     4.Select  Cordova Hello World and Next
   5. Select JQuery and give libraries folder and Next
    6.Click on Finish

       After complete create project:
Step-5. Install NBAndroid and add Android SDK
       1.Go to Tools menu and click on Options

     2.Select HTML/JS and Browse & set SDK

     3.Now go to plugins (Tools->plugins) and Select Settings & and click Add button

     4.Set NBAndroid url and press ok

    5.Now select Available plugins and search android and install

Run your project.


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