Friday, January 30, 2015

How to Manually add mysql to Windows Service with commend prompt

We have already learned "How to manually add apache2.4 to windows service with command prompt". We have also learned "How to stop and remove apache form windows service with commend prompt". Today we'll try to learn "How to manually add and run MySQL to windows service with command prompt". It is very very simple and easy. For this we can do some steps as below.

First of all run commend prompt as administrator.

Go to mysql/bin with cd command.

now run below commend to install to service
mysqld --install

The mysql is now added to service but not ruining, to run the mysql service form command prompt just run the below command.
 net start mysql

Now mysql is added to service and runing, try it and see how it working and enjoy. For any question on this topics please mention it on command box below. I will try to answer..



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