Sunday, February 21, 2016

Get YouTube video id form URL using Javascript.

In this topics I will discus about "How to get YouTube video id from its URL". For this create a simple javascript function as bellow -
function YouTubeGetID(url){
var ID = '';
url = url.replace(/(>|<)/gi,'').split(/(vi\/|v=|\/v\/|youtu\.be\/|\/embed\/)/);
if(url[2] !== undefined) {
ID = url[2].split(/[^0-9a-z_\-]/i);
ID = ID[0];
else {
ID = url;
return ID;
Call the function as bellow -
var youtubeurl="";
And then you will get something output for example url as bellow -
I hope it will helpful for you.
Now it's time for enjoy.

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