Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to Manually add Apache to Windows Service

If any one accidentally  remove Apache from service or when install any how not add to service, how they add or run Apache service ? It is very painful to me run Apache server every time when i turn on my server PC. So i found a solution for this problem and found solution to fix it. The solution is manually add Apache service. I will discuse on Apache2.4.

First run commend prompt as administrator.

Go to Apache2.4/bin on commend

You are now here C:\Apache2.4\bin> on cmd.Now write the following commend
C:\Apache2.4\bin>httpd.exe -k install

Now the Apache2.4 added to service. Now you can start the service from cmd prompt by following commend
net start apache2.4

Now the Apache2.4 server started .
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