You can manage your own server SSL certificate in Windows using  Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Today I will discuss removing the SSL certificates using MMC.

To remove an SSL certificate with MMC follow bellow steps - 

    1. Press Windows key + R  and type MMC then press Enter Key.

    2. In MMC, select File > Add/Remove Snap-In... (or press Control+M).

    3. Add Certificates Snap-In 

    4. Click on the OK button.

    5. From the Certificates snap-in window Select Computer Account and click on the Next button.

    6. Select Local computer then press Finish button.

    7. Click on the OK button to close the Add/Remove Snap-In Wizard window.

    8. From here find in folders and select your private SSL certificate. Then right-click on it and then click on delete.

    9. Press the Yes button to confirm remove the certificate.

    10. Then restart your Windows computer to have the change effect.